The Grove – 3 Year School Improvement Plan on a Page 2018 – 2021
Key Priority: 1. To achieve at least a good OFSTED at first inspection
1.1 Ensure a high quality curriculum that inspires learning and is tailored to meet all student’s needs;

Ensure the Post 16 curriculum provides high quality work experience and draws on extensive links with the community.

Provide a comprehensive life skills curriculum that builds on functional and independent skills tailored to individuals and is tracked systematically from individual’s starting points.

Embed the SCERTS programme across the school and ensure high quality, on-going training for staff.

Ensure high quality enrichment programme through a school’s extended day service which meets needs locally.

Ensure opportunities to develop reading, writing and maths are explicit throughout the curriculum.

1.2 To ensure high quality teaching and robust assessment systems facilitate outstanding learning and progress for students;

Develop a whole school consistency around language and communication.

Ensure a school wide approach to autism teaching strategies which is evidence based and supported by research.

Ensure there is a strong CPD programme which promotes a school wide culture to shared good practice.

Embed an evidence based assessment approach that demonstrates individual progress as measured from baseline at entry and year on year, informs planning and interventions and demonstrates progress matched to EHCP outcomes.

Ensure planning and teaching is motivating and ‘hooks’ student engagement, taking account of academic progression & personal skills

1.3 Leadership and management is highly effective at all levels;

Embed the school’s culture and ethos to ensure a consistent approach where every stakeholder understands their contribution.

Ensure there is rigorous self evaluation supported through external validation processes.

Ensure a cycle of monitoring, review and evaluation supports leaders and governors to challenge and support the work of the school.

1.4 Ensure there are robust systems and procedures in place to promote safety and wellbeing within the Grove community;

Embed all safeguarding practices through a relentless approach to training and information sharing and ensure robust systems are in place to monitor and review its success.

Ensure effective training and support for behaviour is implemented and understood consistently through the school and amongst stakeholders and that review cycles are robust and inform practice.

Ensure the promotion of health and wellbeing is intrinsic to the school wide curriculum and practice for all stakeholders.

Key Priority: 2. To become a hub of excellence in autism and first choice for parents in North London
2.1 Ensure an integrated multi-agency approach is fully implemented to enable high quality outcomes for learners;

Develop a multi-agency approach to safeguarding student progress and well-being.

Ensure the recruitment of a high quality multi-disciplinary team.

2.2 To provide a high quality outreach service which supports autism practice across the borough;

Develop a high quality outreach team.

Embed annual training calendar to be extended across the borough for professionals.

Create a tiered outreach service to meet the needs of stakeholders across the borough and beyond.

2.3 To develop a range of partnerships for both research and current thinking to inform and strengthen practice in the school;

Foster partnerships with outside agencies who specialise in autism research and practice.

Provide opportunities for staff to run school wide studies as part of further study in education and autism.

2.4 To provide high quality training and support for all staff, parents & stakeholders including borough wide;

Develop a comprehensive family support team which links to multi-agency working.

Develop a central support network hub for parents within Haringey.

Embed high quality training and support services for all stakeholders to support young people with autism.

Key Priority: 3. Ensure successful opening of new school site without sacrificing high outcomes for students
3.1 Ensure new school site provides a high quality environment which facilitates and supports the highest outcomes for its students;

Ensure high quality teaching spaces and outside spaces reflect the wide ranging needs of learners.

Ensure high quality furniture and equipment reflects the requirements and needs of the learners and curriculum.

Ensure IT resources meets requirements of students and the curriculum.

3.2 Ensure high quality staff team;

Implement recruitment strategy to plan for year on year increase of staff remains high quality.

Ensure clear opportunities for progression to enable the retention of high quality staff.

3.3 To ensure a successful approach to marketing which places the school firmly within the local community and beyond;

Ensure the school website and social media platforms reach all stakeholders and provides effective information and is readily accessible for all.

Ensure accurate and clear information is readily available for new families, and an effective programme for a range of transitions both into school and for moving on.