3 Year School Improvement Priorities 2021-2024


  • Ensure school compliance & school wide operations are completed in readiness for inspection
  • LEADERSHIP and Governance enhances the effectiveness of the school ensuring the education provided has a positive impact for its pupils.
  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION provides for a high quality learning & educational experiences for pupils and staff across the school that takes account of new ideas and practice. .
  • Promote an outstanding provision for wellbeing, BEHAVIOUR & ATTITUDES throughout the school environment where every member of the community is valued.
  • Pupils’ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is promoted to the highest standard so they are well prepared for their adult lives
  • QUALITY OF SIXTH FORM ensures outstanding, tailored learning experiences for learners which ensure successful pathways to adulthood



To embed and maintain high quality opportunities for writing, reading and phonics across the school and across subjects areas with particular reference to those accessing the formal curriculum

To embed high quality practice and generalisation of mathematics knowledge and skills, including opportunities for problem solving across the school and across subjects areas

To ensure high quality EHCP planning and data tracking facilitates tailored high quality learning and outcomes for pupils

To ensure high quality evidence, data use and standards of work link to the taught curriculum and demonstrates and documents sequential learning

To ensure staff have and use knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and sequential learning to provide high quality learning experiences for pupils


To ensure behaviour tracking is used effectively at all levels to inform practice and to identify interventions and celebrate successes

To ensure effective working with families has positive improvements on attendance supporting those pupils’ and their families where attendance is a cause for concern


To ensure the careers offer from KS3 provides a wide range of experiences tailored to pupil’s interests and pathways to adulthood

To ensure the careers offer from KS3 provides a wide range of experiences tailored to pupil’s interests and pathways to adulthood

To ensure work to enhance pupil’s SMSC and understanding of FBV is well supported and evidenced across the curriculum enabling them to make excellent progress in their personal development

To design and implement a clear strategic plan to embed a school wide approach to effective support for mental health and wellbeing


To ensure staff wellbeing continues to be reviewed and addressed through an annual cycle of review

Communication by leaders at all levels is effective

To ensure staff are supported to develop effective leadership skills at middle leader level and below

To ensure the curriculum provides opportunities for high quality learning experiences in foundation subjects across the school

To establish the commitment towards a Healthy School which is promoted and upheld consistently


To ensure the curriculum provides a range of qualifications and learning experiences that are tailored to the pupils’ needs and to the new provision on offer

To open the new Sixth form center and teaching cafe


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