3 Year School Improvement Plan on a Page 2018–2021


  • Ensure school compliance & school wide operations are completed in readiness for inspection
  • LEADERSHIP and Governance enhances the effectiveness of the school ensuring the education provided has a positive impact for its pupils.
  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION provides for a high quality learning & educational experiences for pupils and staff across the school that takes account of new ideas and practice. .
  • Promote an outstanding provision for wellbeing, BEHAVIOUR & ATTITUDES throughout the school environment where every member of the community is valued.
  • Pupils’ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is promoted to the highest standard so they are well prepared for their adult lives
  • Provide an outstanding SIXTH FORM experience for learners which consistently aims for the highest outcomes and prepares them exceptionally well for their journey towards adulthood.


BEHAVIOUR and ATTITUDES: To improve pupils’ ability to regulate themselves and promote a positive attitude towards learning and progress.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Provide high quality experiences & opportunities for personal development and wellbeing so pupils can contribute positively to life outside and beyond school.

CAREERS – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: To drive a whole school approach to ensure the Careers strategy is in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks and allows clear progression routes for pupils at KS4, at Post 16 and Post 19.

QUALITY OF EDUCATION – INTENT: To ensure a strong school wide curriculum that is well thought out and personalised and promotes successful outcomes across key stages and all ability ranges.

QUALITY OF EDUCATION – IMPLEMENTATION: To ensure school wide understanding of pedagogy and the effective use of data underpins the planning and delivery of the curriculum for each child.

QUALITY OF EDUCATION – IMPLEMENTATION: Reading, Writing and Phonics is coherently planned and delivered across the school at all levels

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT: Leadership and management is highly effective at all levels

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