Achievement is valued and all students should leave the Grove with nationally recognised awards and qualifications. These may include the following:

Secondary West
ASDAN Personal Progress
Secondary East
English – AQA Step Up to English
Maths – AQA Entry Level Maths
Science – OCR Entry Level Science
Art – OCR Entry Level Art
Humanities – OCR Entry Level History and Geography
Computing – INGOTS Entry Level
PHSE + RSE – School Curriculum
Life Skills – ASDAN Personal and Social Development

GCSE pathways are offered in the above subjects areas for those pupils who are working at a higher level.

Post 16
OCR – Life and Living Skills
Edexcel Functional Skills, English, Maths and ICT

KS4 (Year 11) Destinations

July 2019 – 4 out of 5 pupils moved to The Grove Post 16 and 1 pupil transferred to an SEND Post-16 provision.

July 2020 – 3 out of 4 pupils moved to The Grove Post 16 provision and 1 pupil moved to Haringey Sixth Form SEND provision.

July 2021 – All year 11 pupils moved to The Grove Post 16 provision

KS5 (Year 14) Destinations

2018–2020 there were no KS5 leavers.

July 2021 – All KS5 school leavers (5) moved into supported internships through the Autism Project and the Ellingham Project

National Performance Data

You can find The Grove comparison data on the Government Website by clicking this link