In Secondary East we want our students to be confident and have the necessary skills to live as safely and independently as possible. Students should be positively active in their local community and we will give our students the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential Post 16.

In the Secondary East department we follow 2 pathways. One academic pathway in which the students will work towards qualifications in core subjects. The second pathway being a more functional pathway that builds on the curriculum taught in Secondary West. An example of the content the students will be learning about in Secondary East is below:


Year 1 Subject
Term Science English Maths Humanities Art Computing
Autumn Half term 1 Cells and the human body (B) Creative writing (stories and descriptive writing) Counting and understanding numbers (Number and Place Value) Dictatorship: Hitler, Nazi Germany and Stalin (H) The City Choice boards what you know/ inside a computer – how it works
Autumn Half term 2 Ecosystems (B) Modern Novel (A Monster Calls) Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and Division Map Skills and Megacities (G) Stop Motion Animation Graphic design – the basics
Spring Half term 1 The Periodic Table(C) Poetry (1st World War Poetry) Length, Size and Height (Geometry) Weight & Volume (Geometry) WWI (H) Artist Research Project Internet safety, Reality and Bias
Spring Half term 2 Forces (P) 19th Century Novel (Character – different extracts) Time (Number and place value) Natural Disasters (G) Formal Elements of Art Coding an introduction
Summer Half Term 1 Space and the universe (P) Non-Fiction – (Newspapers, current affairs, different types of nonfiction) Shape (2D), angles, triangles and symmetry (Geometry) Invasion, Plague and Murder (H) Various Projects – Google classroom friendly. creating an interactive story
Summer Half Term 2 Physical and Chemical Reactions (C) Shakespeare (Introduction and extracts) Algebra Weather Around the World (G) Various Projects – Google classroom friendly. Graphic design and animation