Our vision to ‘Inspire Excellence – Champion Potential and Empower Learning’ is central to our core purpose and desire to make a difference. In the pursuit of this we are wholly committed to the values and aims that we hold to achieving this. These are demonstrated through our:

    • persistence to provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment for all where achievement is recognised and celebrated;
    • determination to inspire a love for learning and a culture of collaboration and communication where barriers are challenged;
    • recognition of every individual’s potential and ensuring a personalised education to nurture this;
    • commitment to secure independence at all levels for each and every learner in preparation for life beyond school and adulthood;
    • promise to value and respect individuality and promote well-being through acceptance and belonging;
    • responsibility to place our learners and their families at the centre of their decision-making;
    • dedication to partnership working internally, externally and nationally so we can deliver a truly integrated approach; and
    • ambition to become a hub of excellence within Haringey delivering training and research in the field of autism.

    SEARCH for Success Ethos

  • The principles and core values we hold are very much part of the Trust’s SEARCH for Success Ethos where we believe the core values shared within The Grove community are key to realising our vision;
  • SUPPORT: We support each other through times of success and times of difficulty
    EMPATHY: We understand each other and make no judgements
    ACCEPT: We accept each other for who we are
    RESILIENCE: We keep trying, even when it gets tough
    COMPASSION: We are kind to each other
    HONESTY: We are honest with others and ourselves
  • We run six SEARCH days across the academic year. On these days, we drop the daily timetable with a focus on whole school activities that focus on developing personal and collaborative achievements and skills.

Our Core Values underpin the culture of our school providing clarity to what we will expect from each other in pursuit of reaching our Vision and Aims.

Staff will be committed to the vision for our students by ensuring they:

  • Learn in an environment that is safe, caring, secure and that motivates and challenges them
  • Have access to high quality learning experiences that meet their individual needs
  • Respect and value every student’s individuality and acknowledge and value achievement
  • Learn in a positive environment, striving for high outcomes, supported by a team that shares the same values
  • Work with staff who put them at the centre of their decision making and thinking
  • Work with staff who follow school policies and procedures
  • Work with staff who are clear about what the students are learning and maximise every learning opportunity across the school day to achieve this
  • Are professional in their dialogues; conversations in front of students are only about their learning
  • Work with staff who are open to change and willing to embrace new learning to ensure the provision is always improving
  • Liaise and work in partnership with families, school teams and professionals involved with that child to ensure high quality partnership working

Staff will work and support each other in pursuit of our vision by:

  • Working collaboratively for the good of the students
  • Being solution focused when challenging each other
  • Being honest and open with each other and communicating at all times
  • Being positive role models for students and behaving professionally in their conduct
  • Treating each other with respect
  • Acknowledging and celebrating each other’s’ work and achievements and supporting those in need
  • Keeping confidentiality about students and our work
  • Not engaging in anything other than professional conversations in front of students or other staff
  • Have high expectations for all students
  • Acknowledging the daily pressures of work and supporting each other in challenging times
  • Being positive and having a “can do” attitude to everything we do
  • Valuing the contributions of others no matter what their role is
  • Demonstrating reflective practice at all times both individually and as a team
  • Sharing expertise and knowledge through training and support.