Partnership working is the essence of what we promote at The Grove. This ethos promotes staff, multi-disciplinary teams, families and students working together to achieve the best outcomes. Our aim is to ensure that families and students understand and feel informed about what is happening at school and beyond so they are able to make informed decisions.

Meetings with our multi-disciplinary team, staff meetings, planning meetings and training sessions ensure our staff teams work together in the optimum way and adopt current thinking in their practice. Families have opportunities to meet with staff and professionals at times that are mutually convenient, to discuss their child’s progress, concerns and celebrate successes.

Families are included at every stage of the planning and target-setting process. We hold termly Pupil Progress Meetings with parents and carers as well as an annual review meeting. During these, parents and carers receive written feedback on the progress of their child.

Where necessary, staff conduct home visits. For some young people, it is important that we do this before entry to the school as part of the planned transition. Additional home visits for existing students and their families may also take place. These are commonly organised and attended by our pastoral team. From time to time, other members of staff, including our therapists, may want to visit a family at home to support the implementation of strategies and to support continuity.

Families are expected to keep the school informed of relevant information that may impact on the teaching and learning of their child. We encourage this information sharing as part of our strong belief that a two-way flow of communication ensures a child gets the best from their time at school. This fosters trust and transparency within the working partnership and this commitment is consolidated through the home–school agreement.

Looked After Children (LAC)

Our designated lead teacher for Looked After Children (LAC) and Previously Looked After Children is Miss Nadine Huseyin

Parent Support

At The Grove, we feel it is just as important to support our parents and families as it is to support and nurture our students. Our Pastoral Team even won The NAPCE Pastoral School of the Year award in 2020.

Miss Huseyin, our Family Support, Pastoral & Safeguarding Lead works with the Pastoral Care team to provide advice on approaches that might help and support you and your child. The team can put you in contact with relevant specialists and specific services as required and can co-ordinate and liaise with staff teams on your behalf.

Support includes:

  • promoting good attendance and punctuality
  • promoting self-esteem and confidence
  • promoting positive behaviour and positive attitudes to learning
  • providing one-to-one support

​Support for families includes:

  • providing information and signposting to other services in the local area
  • liaising with a range of external services such as housing and Social Care and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)
  • assistance in completing paperwork and forms e.g. housing, transport forms, school places and benefits
  • attendance and support at school and other agency meetings
  • advice and support in promoting positive behaviour at home
  • guidance with career and personal development 
  • access to training and workshops in school
  • family coffee mornings
  • bespoke one-to-one support in the family home

As a school we also organise social gatherings, these are arranged by staff at the school.  Events include the Summer Fair, and Christmas shows which are annual events for all families to enjoy.  

Learning opportunities for families take place at The Grove or online. Examples include Cygnet Parenting Support Programme, online safety and social skills. Learning includes practical workshops, talks (e.g. about behaviour or therapies) or interactive training provided by external agencies that we work with.

A weekly update “Grove News” provides up to date information to parents and carers and a half termly curriculum newsletters provides information on the current and upcoming term.

We regularly seek to gain the views and needs of families, but if there is something you feel we could do better, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Parent Support in Haringey

Markfield’s Family Support Team offers free specialist advice on topics such as: disability benefits, behaviour support, transition to adulthood and guidance on other support services you can access.