Dear Parents/ Carers

 With the increased rise of Omicron Variant and consequent staffing absences we are working hard to make transport arrangements for your child/ young person.

Please be aware that over the next few weeks the following issues may arise

  • Your child may have a different driver or escort than the one they are used to
  • You may be advised of delays if routes need to be split or amended to ensure continuity of travel arrangements.

The safe transportation of your child between home and school remains out utmost priority and wherever there are changes we will endeavour to inform you as swiftly as possible after we have received notifications.

Under some circumstances we may have to cancel or rearrange existing arrangements, and this would always be a last resort, which we would discuss with you.

We will continue with our Covid Safety processes which include use of masks on transport where appropriate, drivers and escorts taking Lateral flow tests regularly and use of ventilation on transport.

During this uncertain time, you may wish to manage your child’s transport to school via a personal transport budget (where we offer financial assistance to transport your own child) if this is the case then please contact the transport team on 020 8489 2729 or

 With best wishes

Mary Jarrett (Head of SEND Services)